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Bio-Response Solutions specializes in the design, production, and implementation of custom systems for scientific industries. This includes Effluent Decontamination Systems (EDS) and Alkaline Hydrolysis Equipment.

Bio-Response focuses on energy efficiency, environmental impact, and economics.


EDS Safety

EDS - Nobody does it better!

With the increased development of BSL-3 and 4 laboratories, EDS design and functionality are more important than ever.  Bio-Response Effluent Decontamination Systems are designed to exceed facility requirements in a reliable and cost effective manner, and to protect not only those people working in and around the laboratory, but also those who must service the equipment for many years to come.  Bio-Response has made technological advancements in EDS design that have and will continue to change the way the bio-safety community views Effluent Decontamination in their research facilities. Click here to read the brochure for our EDS products.

EDS Safety

Alkaline Hydrolysis for Pets

Alkaline hydrolysis is an alternative to fire cremation. The process uses 1/20 of the energy of fire cremation. Our patent pending PET-400 was specifically designed for pet dispositions, with multiple compartments to allow the processing of up to 14 pets simultaneously. Each pet's remains are kept completely separate from the others, and just like traditional cremation, the pets' ash remains are returned to the pet owners. The family receives only their pet's remains. Click here to read the brochure for our PET-400 system.

EDS Safety

Alkaline Hydrolysis for Human Disposition

Funeral directors now have the opportunity to offer their families another form of disposition for their loved ones. Alkaline hydrolysis offers families the opportunity to contribute to a gentle, greener process. Families can make a lasting contribution to the environment on behalf of their loved one by making a decision that saves energy and reduces pollution. The traditional funeral ceremony and returning of the ashes remains unchanged. Click here to read the brochure for our funeral industry products. Please visit our funeral industry website for more information:

EDS Safety

A passion for quality that is unrivaled

Why? Because we recognize our responsibility to the person who, fifteen years from now, becomes the service or maintenance person working on our equipment. Their safety, the safety of their family...THAT is our responsibility.


EDS Delivery

Quality. Safety. Value.

Is it hard to master all three?  We don't think so.  We feel that you should be able to depend on your equpment like you depend on your water heater at home.  Bio-Response's systems provide an unmatched level of safety and reliability at a price you can afford.



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