Chemical Continuous Batch EDS

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Chemical EDS

The Bio-Response Chemical EDS is yet another alternative to help facilities that have a variety of challenges. Please do not associate this system's low cost with low performance. This EDS not only offers the lowest cost of operation, but it also offers the most rapid turnaround time for each cycle, thus allowing a physically smaller system for high capacity. This is a popular EDS design for our clients that do not have plant steam supply and do not wish to incur the cost and hassle of installing a dedicated steam generator. It is also a great solution for facilities with limited utilities, or those in remote locations that benefit from a less complicated EDS. This system is available in many sizes from small closet models to huge systems that can service multiple labs.

ABOVE: This chemical system was challenged with Bacillus subtilis and three bacteriophages by an independent laboratory. Greater than 99.9999% inactivation (>6log10 inactivation) was achieved in 10 minutues. Contact us for the full third part efficacy study.


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Chemical Continuous Batch Pros/Cons

Advantages (Pros) Operates at ambient or slightly elevated temperature
Lowest cost system, lowest cost of operation
Fastest turn-around allows high capacity in a smaller system
Fewest components, simplest controls, lowest maintenance, longest service life
Good with reasonable level of solids
Can use a variety of chemicals depending on what is being processed
Plastic tanks will not corrode
Everything sees the chemical on the front end, so any initial discharge valve leakage would be guaranteed some degree of treatment
Requires no cooling water
Suitable for all biosafety levels (1-4)
One collector, two cooker systems can be fitted with an 85% energy recovery skid
Disadvantages (Cons) More difficult to validate from cycle to cycle (compared to a known time and termperature achievement)
Solids may create doubt (did we penetrate the solid?)
Requires absolute certainty of chemical volume injected into the cycle
Requires continuous provision of the chemical agent to be present
General Discussion Lowest cost, greatest simplicity, fastest turn-around of any type of EDS, requires maintenance of the chemical supply to the system, must be set-up on an overkill recipe to assure complete treatment under differing influent conditions (organic loading, solids levels, solids type, etc.)



Bio-Response Unique Features

Liquiphant Piezoelectric Level Sensors Redundant Liquiphant level sensors eliminate troublesome load cells, unsafe associated flexible drain connection lines, and unreliable radar or sonar level sensing devices.
Plastic Tanks Extrusion welded Polypropylene Tanks for very long system life
Solids Handling Valves and plumbing properly oversized to handle all of your facility solids
Easy Access Man-Way Our man-way is easily opened and handles by one person and features a double o-ring seal with air test. If this air test fails, and alarm is generated and the machine will not run.
Automated Chemical Injection The Bio-Response chemical injection system is completely automated and measures a precise amount of chemical for each cycle. Chemical concentration is easily user adjustable from the touch screen.

AB Controls

(GE Fanuc Optional)

Standard Allen Bradley touch screen for easy machine navigation and operation.

Optional: GE Fanuc state-of-the-art touch screen with Ethernet connectivity. This is the most technologically advanced and versatile system available.












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