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Alkaline Hydrolysis - Better Process, Lower Cost

Bio-Response is proud to introduce a new line of low temperature alkaline hydrolysis tissue digesters that open this technology up to a whole new spectrum of users.

How does this benefit you?
These low temperature digesters offer the same digestion capacity as previously offered high temperature models, however, because they do not require pressure vessels and because they are simplified, they are available at a fraction of the cost. Not only do they cost less on the front end, they consume less energy during a digestion.

Are the same digestion results achieved?
Yes. The alkaline hydrolysis process takes place at our 200 degree F operating temperature. The process requires a longer cycle time than the high temperature models, but the quality of the digestion is the same.

Is pressure required for the process to take place?
No. Pressure in the high temperature systems is a direct result of the 300 degree F operating temperature within a closed vessel. This pressure and high temperature to not impact the degree of hydrolysis.

Why should I consider a Bio-Response alkaline hydrolysis system?
Price, performance, and ease of ownership. Joe Wilson of Bio-Response developed and built over 95% of all alkaline hydrolysis systems in existence today. We have taken what we know from 15 years of using this technology and eliminated troublesome attributes and failure points that are still used by others.

Peptide sizing and amino acid analysis from this low temperature process are available upon request.


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Low Temperature Tissue Digester
Capacity Size (diameter x depth of straight wall in inches) Temperature Pressure Complete Cycle Time (heat-up, drain Hydroxide feed / Load cells option Hydraulic Locking Lid
30 kg / 66 lb 24/24

93°C / 199 °F

0 PSIG 6-18 hours (heat-up, processing, and discharge) Depends on type of animal tissue N/A, manual N/A
100 kg / 220 lb 30/31 optional N/A
500 kg / 1100 lb 48/50 standard N/A
1000 kg / 2200 lb 48/75 standard N/A
1000 kg / 2200 lb 72/40 standard optional
1500 kg / 3300 lb 72/60 standard optional
Custom size     optional

-All Bio-Response tissue digesters feature agitation by propeller mixer under the animal basket, and do not have a circulation pump or related seals.

-All Bio-Response tissue digesters perform to complete sterilization and elimination of prion proteins and associated infectivity, data available for low temperature digesters.

Models are available from 30 kg / 66 lb. up to 4500 kg / 10,000 lb. Please contact us for more information.













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