EDS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Bio-Response EDS Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Effluent Decontamination System (EDS)?
An EDS is a carefully designed system that sterilizes bio-hazardous liquid waste from bio-containment laboratories or other facilities dealing with potentially dangerous effluents.  These are often considered nothing more than a large pressure cooker, but the truth is that there is much more bio-safety engineering that goes into making these systems reliable and safe for people inside and outside of the laboratory.

Can I hire a local boiler manufacturer or vessel manufacturer to provide an EDS?
Many facilities have tried this in the past and have wished they had chosen otherwise.  One-off systems from organizations that are not used to providing this type of equipment can become extremely expensive and will usually fail within a few years.  It is more cost effective and much safer to employ an organization that specializes strictly in EDS design and implementation.  This type of equipment must protect the people inside and outside of the laboratory, as well as the surrounding environment.  Working with a company that has past experience and a vast bio-safety background is key to having a system that will be fully operational for many years to come.  Bio-Response exclusively specializes in EDS and Tissue Digester technology.

Why should I choose a Bio-Response EDS?
Bio-Response has over 30 years of experience in bio-hazardous waste disposal and has revolutionized the EDS industry by offering affordable systems that are much safer and longer lasting than what was previously available.  We don't just understand equipment building...we understand, in detail, all of the dangerous microorganisms and chemicals that you are putting down your drain.  Our team of engineers are known world-wide for their accomplishments in this industry and we are strictly focused and dedicated to providing the best Effluent Decontamination Systems available. We are also constantly exploring and developing new technologies to make the treatment of biowaste water safer and more affordable.

Do I need an EDS for my facility?
While many facilities are required to have and EDS based on their BSL-3ag or BSL-4 classification, most BSL-3 and lower laboratories are installing these systems to prepare for future research and to protect the people in and around the laboratory.  Most modern facilities all over the world are installing these systems as standard practice.  If you would like to discuss the potential need for an EDS in your facility, please contact us to discuss what type of research and microorganisms you are working with.  If you are not working with agents that need to be sent through an EDS, we won't recommend one.

Does Bio-Response manage the delivery and installation of my EDS?
Yes, Bio-Response will deliver and install your EDS after the FAT (Factory Acceptance Test).  It is common that the machine is set into place and connections are made in as little as one day after arrival.  Our machines are 100% complete and tested before they ship to ensure a smooth and painless installation on your jobsite.

How do I know my EDS is properly sterilizing the effluent?
Bio-Response EDS systems have built-in microbial spore test ports and sample ports to allow for the safe collection of treated effluent.  We also collect data from the PLC so that time and temperature can be monitored on a day to day basis.  If certain parameters are not met, the PLC will send you an alarm with detailed cycle data.

Can a Bio-Response EDS handle solids such as mop string, wedding rings, grit, straw, sand, and feces which may be flushed down the floor drains?
Absolutely.  We specialize in solids handling and have several different ways of handling whatever solids you can throw at our systems.  We consult with the end user to find out what types of solids, chemicals, and liquid volume will go through our system before we make a recommendation.  Not all systems are the identical, but we show you what your system should be capable of doing.

Can I visit an existing facility with a Bio-Response EDS?
Yes, and we encourage this.  Please contact us to setup an appointment.

How does Bio-Response stay on the cutting edge of EDS technology?
Bio-Response is changing the way the biosafety industry views EDS design and implementation. We have 30 years experience with many of the subsystems that have been commonly used on EDS equipment including load cells, pressure vessels, steam jackets, solids, baskets, chemicals, metallurgy, pipes, valves, sensors, and many other devices. Everything we do has a reason and we are happy to discuss any feature or all of them in great detail. Please give us a call if you have any questions or concerns about our EDS Design Features.













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