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Biowaste Treatment

The Bio-Response High Temperature Continuous Batch EDS has become the industry standard for quality, technology, and reliablity for your BSL-3 or BSL-4 facility. This system operates at a user adjustable 250 - 305 degrees F (121 - 152 degrees C) depending on the types of microorganisms present in the lab. The High Temperature EDS is available in many redundant and non-redundant configurations to meet the space and processing needs of your facility.





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High Temperature Continuous Batch Pros/Cons

Advantages (Pros) Operates at 121°C / 250°F or higher for thermal sterilization
Sterilization without question regardless of solids situation
Easy to validate
Parametric monitoring acceptable
Shorter Cook Cycle
Can be heated by electric immersion coils or steam coil
Can be heated by live steam
Fully ethernet integrated controls are a standard feature
Suitable for all biosafety levels (1-4)
Integral strainer basket standard for solids sterilization
One collector, two cooker systems can be fitted with an 85% energy recovery skid
Disadvantages (Cons) Higher cost system
Highest cost of operation (requires more energy to heat, more energy to cool)
Requires operation at pressure in a pressure vessel
General Discussion This is the gold standard for Effluent Decontamination Systems. It is the "wet heat sterilizer" regardless of solids content or organic conditions of the waste. Systems must feature (due to pressurized operation) an array of special design features to prevent problems (double inlet valves, power flush primary inlet valve, double discharge valves, etc.) so maintenance requirements are industry-standard very low, but are greater than the lower temperature or chemical only systems.




Approximate time required to inactivate microorganisms by thermal treatment*
Microorgamism 200 degrees F
93 degrees C
212 degrees F
100 degrees C
250 degrees F
121 degrees C
Geobacillus stearothermophilus
> 10 hours
~ 10 hours
< 15 min
Bacillus atrophaeus
< 45 min
< 30 min
< 1 min
Bacillus anthracis
< 45 min
< 30 min
< 1 min
All vegetative bacterial, fungal, and viral pathogens
< 15 min
< 10 min
< 30 seconds
*Assumes wet heat, as exists in an EDS cooker (dry heat requires dramatically longer times).
*10 log 6 reduction is the standard of reduction for this chart.
The highlighted green section indicates the thermal operating parameters of the Bio-Response High Temperature EDS.




Bio-Response Unique Features

Liquiphant Piezoelectric Level Sensors Redundant Liquiphant level sensors eliminate troublesome load cells, unsafe associated flexible drain connection lines, and unreliable radar or sonar level sensing devices.
Internal Heating Coils Faster heating and drastically increases vessel life.
Welded Stainless Steel Skins Insulation is completely sealed and safe. We have the safest, most attractive, and highest quality vessels in the EDS industry.
Internal Solids Basket Collects and treats solids so that you never have a safety hazzard or drain problems.
Dual Inlet Ball Valves Our dual ball valves with flush system ensures isolation with no leaks and long valve life. All of our valves are rated at over 1 million cycles.
Dual Drain Ball Valves Our dual ball valves with air test ensure drain isolation with no leaks and long valve life. All of our valves are rated at over 1 million cycles.
Easy Access Man-Way Our man-way is easily opened and handles by one person and features a double o-ring seal with air test. If this air test fails, and alarm is generated and the machine will not run.
Quiet Sparger Bio-Response is known for energy and water conservation.  The quiet sparger is an example of this commitment put into action.  Cool with less water and save energy. The quiet sparger to discharge has no pump, no moving parts, uses less cooling water, and only cools the effluent.  The heat in the vessel is retained for the next cycle
Pop-Offs the right way No expensive pressure vessel required! We build our pop-off systems to ASME code.
No short stubs Our short, large diameter stubs leave allow sterilization temperatures to reach mounted devices.  There are no cold spots; safe and complete processing occurs in a Bio-Response EDS every cycle.
GE Fanuc Controls State-of-the-art touch screen with Ethernet connectivity. This is the most technologically advanced and versatile system available and it is standard on all Bio-Response systems.



Two high temperature cookers
One collection tank and one cooker

(collection tank may be pre-heated)

Three or more high temperature cookers
One collection tank and two cookers

(collection tank may be pre-heated)













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