Under Sink EDS

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Under sink EDS

The Bio-Response Under Sink EDS is perfect for a small laboratory that does not generate enough waste water to justify a large effluent system, but still wants to have the capability to take on projects only allowed by facilities with a waste effluent sterilization system. This could also be used with one in each lab section for redundancy instead of one centralized treatment system. This system operates thermally or thermochemically and also has collection capacity with the use of a stand pipe.




EDS Product Brochure Bio-Response Solutions Effluent Decontamination Systems
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Under Sink EDS Technical Information
Capacity 10 gal (38L) or 20 gal (76L)
Operating Temperature 200-204 degrees F (93-96 degrees C)
Power 220 v.a.c., 30 amp (10) or 50 amp (20) single phase, 50/60 Hz; other voltages available
Water 30-100 psi, 1/2" water supply at 2 gpm minumum flow rate, antibacksiphon required
Treatment Achieved by thermal reaction; Alkali can be used as an additional safety net to break down organic materials and allow the thermal penetration of these materials
Noise None (very slight water noise during draining)
Control PLC module on top of cabinet with readout controls
Warranty 1 year materials / phone technical assistance
Standards System is constructed to NEMA standards using certified components only. Wiring is to standards for country of installation (colors, etc.). If metric, adaptors are provided for plumbing connections. UL, ETL, CSA, CE, or other certifications are optional and must be specified prior to pricing.
Installation Installation is performed by local contractor. Complete installation instructions, operation, troubleshooting, service, compenents list, and manuals are provided by Bio-Response Solutions.


















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