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What is Alkaline Hydrolysis?

Alkaline hydrolysis (AH) is process used to sterilize and reduce tissue wastes. Our AH systems create the ideal environment for this process to occur through system design, water flow, heat, and alkalinity. The end result is a sterile solution of amino acids, small peptides, sugars, nutrients, and soap, along with the inorganic minerals of the bones and teeth (calcium phosphate).


Prion Destruction

No Emissions

Energy Conscious

“It’s a night and day difference between using a third party and having our own system.  We take care of everything here now.”

Easy installation into existing facility

Clean Operation

Easy Validation

Increases Biosecurity

Decreases Liability

Any Size.

Steam or Electric.

High or Low Temp.

Alkaline Hydrolysis / Tissue Digester

  • Available in low temperature (~93-98°C/200-208F°) and high temperature (150°C/302°F) versions
  • Both versions produce the same end product: 100% sterile, and free of prion proteins (MALDI-TOF and Amino Acid Assay confirmed)
  • High temperature versions operate at 4 bar pressure, and produce shorter cycle times (2 or more cycles per day)
  • Low temperature versions operate at atmospheric pressure, but require longer cycle times (1-2 cycles per day depending on system size)
  • Low Temperature systems represent a tremendous advantage in equipment life, safety, equipment costs, operation costs, and sustainability
  • Steam or electrically heated
  • Wide variety of sizes available, ranging from 65 to 10,000lb (30 to 4,500kg) in capacity
  • Containment systems with pass-through capability available
  • Combination EDS/Alkaline Hydrolysis systems available
  • Can be easily integrated into modular labs or mobile systems
  • All systems feature Bio-Response’s exclusively superior propeller agitation, no agitation pumps, and no troublesome submerged seals — making these systems a joy to own, operate, and maintain over the long haul
  • We ship more alkaline hydrolysis systems than all other manufacturers combined

Lab-50-KG Alkaline Hydrolysis Tissue Digester

  • Can process from 1-50 kg of animals per cycle using one of 3 water levels
  • 10-20 hour cycle
  • Electrically heated
  • 7 kw, available in multiple voltages including 220 v. single phase
  • Silent in operation
  • Requires electricity, water, drain, and vent connection
  • Features EWON ethernet connectivity for factory troubleshooting assistance
  • Very small footprint
  • Suitable for all laboratory animals including small pigs, primates, rabbits, rats, mice, turkeys, chickens, eggs, dogs, and other laboratory animals
  • Effluent and residues are sterile, can go in the regular waste stream
  • Can be located in biocontainment
  • Very inexpensive to operate (all in 30 cents per kg of animals being processed)
  • U.L. certified controls; Allen Bradley color HMI touch screen
  • Screen units available in English or Metric units (please specify preference)
  • Uses dry KOH flake alkali; scale to weigh small animals and chemical is provided as well as PPE
  • Training can be done in about 1 hour by facetime/Whatsapp/Skype
  • Built by the World’s leading producer of alkaline hydrolysis systems
  • Other sizes available (180 kg, 250 kg, and custom sizes available)
  • HMI screens available in multiple languages, requires translation assistance by the customer

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A Clean Technology

  • No smoke, burning, rebricking, or emissions
  • No EPA Air Quality permits
  • Complete destruction of cytotoxic drugs and euthanasia chemicals

Biosecurity Delivered

  • No transporting of mortalities to third party disposers
  • No aerosolizing or spreading of airborne diseases
  • Thorough treatment of all material 
  • Complete pathogen kill and prion inactivation  

A Easy Solution

  • Quick, sanitary, on-site management
  • Load the machine, start the cycle, and the process is complete in less than 1 day 
  • Easy to use and cost effective
  • Affordable and reliable

Together we develop the right solutions for treating your waste streams.